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    ACT together for a responsible Africa

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    Act and AfricSearch have joined forces

    AfricSearch accorde sa confiance à ACT.

    AfricSearch gives its confidence to ACT. Both entities have signed a partnership agreement to realize their desire to encourage the emergence of the continent, providing professional consulting services tailored to the specificities of Africa and meeting the highest standards of ethics.

    The partnership between ACT and AfricSearch revolves mainly around the development of strategies, human resource recruitment and change management. In fact, both ACT and AfricSearch put forward their search for competence and expertise to be put at the service of the continent.

    This agreement is for both firms an opportunity to work to the joint development of their activities, based on their respective strengths for the benefit of a responsible Africa.

    AfricSearch, founded in 1996, is today the largest recruitment consultancy firm dedicated to the promotion of talents and skills around the world, to Africa. It is present in various African countries and continues to expand its proximity with clients and candidates.