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    ACT takes part in the first edition of Bissau Economic Forum (BEF)

    The first edition of the Bissau Economic Forum (BEF) took place at the Hôtel Azalaï 24 September in Bissau, Republic of Guinea-Bissau on 1st and 2nd of February, 2013. Over 300 high-level participants from across the globe attended the Forum, organized by the Instituto Benten (The Benten Institute) and the Amilcar Cabral Institute, AD (Action pour le Développement), with support from a number of key partners, including Ecobank, ECOWAS, the World Bank and the Government of Guinea Bissau.

    The participants welcomed the theme of the meeting “What would Cabral Do?” and recognized the importance of generating a platform for dialogue and cooperation between all key stakeholders across civil society, the private sector and government. Two days of plenary and focus group discussions allowed the participants to address themes including agriculture and agro-industries; development of the mining sector; fisheries; tourism; improvement in the business environment; and the expansion of the private sector. Each thematic discussion group was tasked with developing ideas for feasible projects through which to begin the process of realizing Guinea Bissau’s economic transformation.

    ACT has successfully completed this important meeting by moderating a high-level panel on "Public-Private Partnerships and International Cooperation" which namely pinpointed a major problem faced by Guinea-Bissau: the negative image of the country that needs to be improved for greater attractiveness for investors, by highlighting its potential (fishing, culture of cashew, ecotourism).

    At the end of the meeting several conclusions emerged from the discussions, including the commitment made by investors and participants for the implementation of several promising projects.

    The next Bissau Economic Forum will be held in 2015.