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    Welcome to the Africa Consulting and Trading (ACT) website.

    My whole career over the last twenty years has led to the creation of ACT, a pan-African management and trade consulting firm of high level.

    Africa is at a crossroads, we want to support the continent with rigor, professionalism and passion as it paves its way towards development.

    In order to contribute effectively, we have surrounded ourselves with the best experts to best meet the needs of our clients. We also explore opportunities in emerging markets to better support Africa in its partnership diversification efforts.

    Governments, public or private companies, NGOs, foundations, partners, experts will find detailed on this website information about the services we offer.

    You share our vision; you have talent and would like to work with ACT? Please have a look at our recruitment section.

    This site is a reflection of our vision. It also aims to be a link between individuals and entities that share the same ambition for Africa. Browse through its different sections to learn more about ACT and inform yourself on African economic news.

    Enjoy your visit on our website!