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    ACT together for win-win partnerships in Africa

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    ACT together for a responsible Africa

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    ACT together to cooperate with emerging markets

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    Our ambition for Africa, at the heart of our concerns

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    ACT together to support a forward-thinking Africa

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    ACT is a pan-African management and trade consulting firm. ACT assists its clients in the public and private sector (government, national agencies, companies, NGOs, foundations) to develop win-win partnerships with the rest of the world.

    ACT targets the following clients:


    • Governments
    • State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and other Public Institutions
    • Development Financial Institutions (DFIs)


    • Multinational Companies and SMEs / SMIs
    • Trust Funds
    • Private Banks


    • Foundations
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Associations
    • Think Tanks
    • Impact Investors