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    Challenges and prospects of Africa : a contribution of the CEO of ACT

    What do you see as the main challenges facing Africa in its development, being a continent of the future according to most observers?

    Many of us are convinced that Africa is AT the crossroads of its development.

    To move forward, the continent needs quantitative, effective support. People generally tend to think that our main challenges are related to the financing of our projects - we at ACT have a different analysis.

    Before having access to finance, there needs to be major upstream work to help developmental projects succeed. States, as well as the private sector, must have a very clear idea of their strategic vision. It is also necessary to define the image you want to reflect to investors. Finally, we believe that nothing is possible without highly reliable market data and human resources of unquestionable quality.

    After raising funds, downstream work is important and then required for the joint success of governments, the private sector and investors.

    Projects should receive high-quality support for their implementation, monitoring, and their evaluation to identify possible corrections to be made.

    Is it the reason why your firm , ACT was created ?

    Indeed. We are a pan-African consulting firm and we want to bring added value in concrete terms. We have therefor assembled a team of experts from various backgrounds, united by their passion for the continent.

    Our experience and excellent knowledge of the African market is our contribution to building development.