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    ACT has two main business lines: Business and Strategic Advisory (BSA) and Financial and Commercial Intermediary (FCI).

    Business & Strategic Advisory (BSA)

    ACT supports its clients in the following areas :

    • Sectorial policy development
    • Organizational Audits
    • Project Management
    • Structuring of public-private partnerships schemes
    • Investment promotion strategy development
    • Development and implementation of strategies
    • Change Management
    • Design of capacity building and development plans
    • Support for implementation of organizational change
    • Mobilization of funding
    • Financial Engineering

    Financial & Commercial Intermediary (FCI)

    We provide our clients with reliable and accurate information on African markets. We also give them a clear picture of financial investment opportunities.

    We offer several financial and commercial intermediary services:

    • Market research and information (laws, policies, regulations)
    • Market and feasibility studies
    • Representation
    • Due diligence
    • Strategic positioning and access to market
    • Development of business opportunities with African companies
    • Access to decision-makers
    • Commercial negotiation support
    • Business matching
    • Organization of business tours